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      Make a difference with Dorpooh 💚🐾


      I'm excited! It takes a bit of getting used to that the bags are larger than the ones I currently use, but apart from that, they are very nice. It gives me a good feeling that I am not contributing to the plastic pollution.

      The "hands-free carrying for the full bag" thing is fantastic!

      I always make a gift for all my clients at Christmas. Would it be nice to promote Dorpooh then?!

      Best regards, Karin Katjes Dog Walking Service

      Dogschool Loebas

      Thank you for sending the information about Dorpooh. It's a wonderful initiative.

      I also appreciate that the bags are biodegradable. I'm definitely open to sharing this product with the students at my dog training school. I've been noticing a trend among my students for a few years now – they are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly and animal-friendly products wherever possible. This product certainly aligns well with that.

      Warm regards, Suus Voskuil Owner & Founder of Dog School Loebas Canine Instructor Accredited by the Board of Directors

      Marsha Personal Paws

      Hidden Treasure Under the Leaf 🍂

      Do you enjoy the autumn leaves on the streets? 🍂 There's something special about them; they create an atmosphere. And, usually, the hedgehogs appreciate them too.

      All very cozy.

      💩 Until you step into a pile of poop. Neatly concealed beneath the autumn leaves. 🥴 It could happen to you.. if you're not careful, you might even slip right over it. If you have dogs yourself, you know that cleaning up after them is not the most enjoyable task.

      Fortunately, there are Dorpooh dog poop bags ( They make life a little better for every dog owner. Naturally, 100% biodegradable.

      With animal-friendly regards,

      Marsha | Personal Paws