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      A padded poop bag that is biodegradable, user-friendly and smells and feels less foul?  This sounds too good to be true?  Yet DORPOOH really has everything that makes dog's best friend happy.  Every dog owner knows what it feel like.  Your dog has pooped and you have to pick up the dirty, warm, smelly, sometimes way to wet poops, button up the bag and hold this warm bag in your hand until you spot the next trash can.  The bags are not 100% odor-proof, so every now and then a small puff of foul smell passes by.  Let's be honest, not the best moment of the lovely walk with your four-legged friend(s). 

      100% compostable

      DORPOOH ensures that this part of the walk is also a party!  The padded poop bags are designed in such a way that the poops are very easy to pick up and absorbed in the bag.  No dirty feeling, no warm bag and no bad air.   The bags are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, so you also contribute to a better neighborhood!

      Our Dorpooh Team is dedicated to their pets, our environment and every aspect of delivering the best service to our customers.
      team dorpooh, best team ever
      Join us!